Quick Guide to the WalletX User Dashboard

WalletX: A Gasless Smart Wallet
2 min readMay 24, 2024

Welcome to the WalletX User Dashboard! This guide will help you navigate and understand the various features and functionalities available on the dashboard, designed to enhance your experience and engagement with WalletX.


The User Dashboard is your WalletX central hub for managing tasks, tracking rewards, and participating in community activities. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find and do on the dashboard:


Home Button: Return to the main dashboard view where you can see an overview of your tasks and progress.


The Tasks section is where you can find all ongoing and expired tasks. Completing tasks helps you earn EXP points which can be used for various rewards.

  • Ongoing Tasks: Lists the tasks you can complete to earn EXP points.
  • Expired Tasks: View tasks that have expired and can no longer be completed for rewards.

Welcome Section

  • User Profile: Displays your username and wallet address.
  • Total EXP Earned: Shows the total EXP points you have earned.
  • Tasks Completed: Indicates the number of tasks you have completed.


Leaderboard: See how you rank against other users based on the total EXP points earned. The leaderboard motivates users to stay active and engaged with the community.

Sidebar Menu

  • EXP Conversion: Options to convert EXP points to WAX tokens.
  • Refer Friends: Invite friends to join WalletX and earn rewards for successful referrals. Coming soon.
  • Social Media Icons: Quick links to WalletX’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels to stay updated and connected.
  • Logout Button: Securely log out of the User Dashboard.

Completing Tasks

To complete tasks and earn EXP points:

  • Select a task from the Ongoing Tasks list.
  • Follow the instructions provided (e.g., perform a gasless transaction, follow on Twitter).
  • Once the task is completed, your EXP points will be automatically updated.

Using EXP Points

Currently, EXP points can be held for future conversion into WAX tokens. In the future, integration with WalletX Soul NFTs will allow users to use EXP points for stealing Soul NFTs, where some amount of EXP points will be deducted upon stealing.


The WalletX User Dashboard is designed to make your experience engaging and rewarding. Complete tasks, earn EXP points, and stay connected with the community to make the most of your WalletX journey.

For more information and support, visit our website or join our social media channels. Happy exploring!

Connect with Us:

Website: getWalletX.com

Twitter: twitter.com/getWalletX

Telegram: t.me/getWalletX

Discord: discord.gg/9drz3xNV

YouTube: youtube.com/@getWalletX

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/getWalletX

Reddit: reddit.com/r/GaslessWeb3

Thank you for being a valued member of the WalletX community!

WalletX Team



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